5 Innovative Ways to Build Your List

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You’re probably fed up with reading the same old drivel about how to build a list: create an opt-in form, get an autoresponder, and give away a free gift.

Here are five ways that I’ll bet you haven’t thought of, and that don’t cost money.

1. When new subscribers click on the confirmation link, send them to another page that offers them the opportunity to get a second free gift if they provide you with five email addresses of people they think would be interested in your first free gift.

Because of the way you have this set up, every time someone reaches the confirmation page, the same process will be activated.

2. Turn off the double opt-in.

This will send shivers through most Internet marketers because of the issues surrounding spam.

But quite a few people who want to subscribe won’t for a number of reasons.

One is that they have a Gmail account. In an attempt to minimize spam, Google has instituted its own filter system. And whether you like it or not, it will decide if what you’re sending out is what they consider to be promotional material or not.

If it believes that your message falls into that category, then it will automatically put your message in with all of the other promotional emails.

Another is that they lose the confirmation message.

Another is that they’ve created a filter that automatically deletes messages that contain certain words, and your message happens to fall into that category.

The point is that they wouldn’t have given you their details if they didn’t want your free product. So why make it hard for them to get it?

3. Pay it forward

This may not work immediately, but those who give the most tend to receive the most.

Ask yourself this, “Where are all the places where I could link to others in my niche or one that complements it??

Some of them will link back to you.

Think about what happens on Twitter. Unless you’re a superstar, people probably won’t follow you for very long if you don’t follow them back.

In fact, there’s even free software available that compares the two so that you can delete the un-followers.

The same thing is true of linking. Just be sure that you’re in the same niche or one that complements yours.

4. Submit your blog to blog directories

If you don’t have a blog, then create one, and then write 600-800 posts of the best content you know how five or six days per week.

That will give people who are looking for the very best in your niche something worth reading.

Blogs are the new “squeeze page.” You can’t afford not to have one.

5. Write a testimonial

Even if the only product that you’ve received from someone else is free, as long as it’s related to your niche, it can give you some valuable exposure that you would not get otherwise.

Source by Bruce Hoag

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