5 most expensive sports cars in the game

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GTA Online is chock-full of great vehicles capable of tearing down freeways and race tracks throughout Los Santos. These vehicles’ improved driving mechanics provided an excellent way for Grand Theft Auto to truly go all-out with the Races and match types in this game.

As a result, GTA Online is one of the best arcade-racers in 2020, which is a testament to how much the driving mechanics for GTA has evolved. The sports category has always been one of the favorite vehicle classes in this title, with some genuinely fantastic cars capable of great performances.

FIve costliest sports cars in GTA Online

5) Ocelot Lynx

“On the one hand, it’s a pinnacle of British car design: conservative, luxuriant, anally retentive. On the other though, it’s brash, liveried, track-ready. Impossible? Put your hands together, and meet the Ocelot Lynx: like getting mugged by someone in a top hat, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.”

– GTA Online description

Price: $1,735,000

4) Vysser Neo

“Vysser are the kind of small, artisanal manufacturer who are prepared to think outside the box. The design blueprints for the Neo drew their inspiration from the aerodynamics of a diving falcon, the composure of a ballet dancer, the curve of a suggestively raised eyebrow, and the assertiveness of a cluster bomb. This is the kind of pedigree you need.”

– GTA Online description

Price: $1,875,000

3) Grotti Itali GTO

“When you think of lightweight redesigns, you probably think of carbon fiber bodywork and stripped-out interiors. But that’s just for beginners. Step inside the Itali GTO, and the air you’re breathing has increased hydrogen content for extra lift. Grotti have even taken the controversial step of obliging potential owners to do their part by shaving their body hair and removing at least one kidney. Sometimes you have to suffer for perfection.”

– GTA Online description

Price: $1,965,000

2) Arena War ZR380

“This edition of the ZR380 has its origins in that thin line between bright, glossy, high-intensity branding and a hallucinatory breakdown. If you ever wanted to drive a weaponized acid trip, this is your chance.”

– GTA Online description

Price: $2,138,640

1) Overflod Imorgon

“You’ve dreamt about the ultimate super electric sports car. Now here you are, reading an app, seeing it in the carbon fiber flesh and wondering if it can really be true. It can. The Overflod Imorgon – your electric dreams turned reality. And not the bad, naked and losing your teeth dreams either. We’re talking the flying and having parents who are proud of you dreams. You’re welcome.”

– GTA Online description

Price: $2,165,000

Published 27 Oct 2020, 11:55 IST

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