AEW’s The Young Bucks would reject WWE Hall of Fame offer

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Ever since they embraced the dark side, AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks have upped their Twitter game by using the platform to put over their entitled and arrogant heel characters.

After declaring that they’ll retire from the business by 40, the duo now claim in their Twitter bio that they’ll reject a WWE Hall of Fame induction in their 60’s to stay true to their characters. Check out their Twitter bio below.

“We’ll be offered an induction into WWE HOF in our 60’s but will decline, to stay in character.”

It’s audacious of the two AEW stars to think they’ll be offered a place in WWE’s coveted Hall of Fame, despite being EVP’s of the direct competitors of Vince McMahon’s pro-wrestling juggernaut.

However, nothing is impossible in the pro-wrestling business, considering Japanese star Jushin Thunder Liger just got inducted into the Hall of Fame, despite competing just once in WWE.

On top of that, if the AEW Tag Team Champions reject the induction when WWE comes knocking on their door, that would be the ultimate Bucks heel move.

The Young Bucks recently revived the vintage version of Bullet Club on AEW Dynamite

After teasing a full-blown breakup with The Elite for weeks, the AEW Tag Team Champions played a massive swerve when they instead joined the dark forces by aligning with AEW Champion Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers.

After successfully defending their titles against Death Triangle’s PAC and Rey Fenix in a tremendous match on last week’s AEW Dynamite, the duo are now staring at Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston as imminent threats to their title reign.

Do you think WWE will ever offer The Young Bucks a place in the Hall of Fame? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Published 19 Apr 2021, 06:28 IST

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