Betting System Review – The Betting Black Box

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My inbox has been full of the usual betting system rubbish over the last few weeks and as usual I deleted most of them after looking at the sales content but one grabbed my attention because it was supposedly written by a “window cleaner”. This I had to see for curiosity sake if nothing else! This ex window cleaner claimed he had cracked the racing game and discovered a secret loophole which was now generating a handsome income from a very small starting bank.

The Betting Black Box was the latest of my betting system reviews and as with all new projects I got my teeth sunk straight in. From the very outset I had a feeling about this one and better still, it was a GOOD feeling. Something just felt right. This system requires very little time for the average punter to use which is a big bonus in my book. Who, these days, can afford to spend many hours stuck in front of their PC?

I would say that all selections for the day can be made in less than 30 minutes so this opens up a window for those that need to do this before going to work. So a little reorganisation of your day could see you finding your selections and placing bets on them very easily. The manual is also clear and precise, a welcome change. At 50 pages, not over bloated with the usual useless padding either. It comes as a PDF download as soon as you complete the payment process. When I say “over bloated” I mean just that. There is some of the usual stuff which I don’t think necessary, but that is just my opinion.

There is adequate use of pictures and working examples where necessary. You do get to the meat of the betting system fairly quickly by around the tenth page and this is where the sales hype falls flat.

The essence of the system is just a fairly logical idea within the Betfair markets with a concise set of four rules applied. Having said that, I, and no-one else had never thought of it so it is “new” but not what could be considered a “loophole”. And, in any case, a “loophole” suggests something slightly dodgy to me and that it could be closed down if discovered. This is not and should work as long as Betfair exists. It is astounding what 4 simple rules can do! The manual also includes a sound staking system to enhance the profits made. As I have said before, staking systems are good if the system stacks up on Level Stakes and this does fairly well on that score.

The rest of the manual, whilst possibly having some value for the novice punter, contain little else as far as the main system is concerned and I have already consigned these to the waste paper bin. As a whole, I would give the manual, its content and style of writing 7 out of 10. The betting system itself is my first ever 10 out of 10. I love this and would highly recommend.

Source by John Joye

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