Bruce Prichard on what made Eddie Guerrero such a great performer

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Eddie Guerrero’s untimely death in 2005 shook up the pro wrestling world. With Eddie Guerrero’s birthday recently passing by, Bruce Prichard discussed Latio Heat on a recent episode of his podcast. During the podcast, Prichard discussed what made Eddie Guerrero such a fantastic performer:

People in general, at this time, looked at Eddie as this fantastic performer. There was a lot of respect and there was a lot of feel for Eddie just as the extraordinary performer that he was. They loved whatever Eddie did. So, Eddie could’ve gone out and done anything on camera and people would’ve reacted in a way that they were “supposed” to while at the same time loving the performance of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was just that kind of performer that he could take you on a ride and you could love him and hate him at the same time, or you could love him and love him, if that makes any sense……always understood how to tell that story and Eddie could tell you a story without having to say a word. Eddie got that and he was an absolute master at it his entire career. H/T: 411Mania

Bruce Prichard also opened up with a story about Eddie Guerrero from 2005

Bruce Prichard also recalled a conversation between two fans at WWE No Mercy 2005 where Eddie Guerrero was facing Batista. Prichard was in the crowd for the match and heard two fans behind him talking about the match. One fan thought that Eddie would be no match agai the bigger Batista. The second fan schooled the first, telling him how Eddie would beat Batista in a real fight. Prichard went on to talk about what this said about Eddie Guerrero a performer:

So, Eddie Guerrero was one of those performers as a human being that the audience member felt he was real, and Eddie felt real – when Eddie walked to the ring, Eddie was 10 feet tall and 300 pounds and was a killer. Eddie exuded that kind of confidence and exuded that walk and that charisma that people believed in him to the point that this guy was like ‘If this was real, Eddie Guerrero would kill that big bastard.’ H/T: 411Mania

Bruce Prichard currently works backstage in WWE as the executive director of RAW and SmackDown. You can check out Bruce Prichard’s podcast HERE.

Published 13 Oct 2020, 18:37 IST

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