Carl Frampton flattens Darren Traynor with brutal body shot, sets up title fight

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Carl Frampton stopped Darren Traynor in the seventh round to set up his title fight with Jamel Herring in November.

The 33-year-old had no problems with the late opponent and weight changes, delivering a composed performance from start to finish.

Frampton got the job done

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Frampton got the job done

The fight began with Frampton using his speed advantage to counter Traynor’s height advantage.

Northern Ireland’s ‘Jackal’ zipped in and out of range, landing clean shots while his opponent was left punching thin air.

Traynor was not without any success early on, but ultimately looked outclassed and overmatched as expected.

The fifth was a positive round for the Scot and this seemed to irk Frampton who fired back with spite towards the end of the session.

Frampton did not let his focus slip

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Frampton did not let his focus slip

In the second half of the fight, Frampton upped the tempo.

He flattened Traynor with a sickening left hook to the body at the end of round six, but the challenger recovered to his feet and heard the bell.

It did not last much longer though, as the towel came in midway through round seven.

Herring awaits Frampton’s challenge

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Herring awaits Frampton’s challenge

The triumph has set Frampton up for a world title shot against WBO super-featherweight champion Jamel Herring in November.

This means he is now just one win from Irish history.

“There’s been two-weight world champions before,” Frampton told earlier in the week, “I’m proud to have joined that company.

“But I think to stand alone as the only three-weight world champion, it’s historic really.

“I wanna create a legacy in this sport and I think winning a world title in my third division gives me a ticket to the Hall of Fame.

“It makes people realise and myself realise – probably I’d be comfortable to call myself the greatest fighter Ireland’s ever produced as a three-weight world champion.

“My kids would be proud of me. The people that’ve always supported me would be proud of me.

“That’s why I’m doing it. Legacy reasons.”

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