Former WWE veteran Raven reveals wrestling promotion possibly set to shut down

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NWA has not had the best time over the last couple of months as things have not worked out well for them at all in 2020. Following two separate scandals, two of their top names had to leave the company, and in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been anything except successful. Despite the best attempts by Billy Corgan, the company has not really been able to get on its feet after the attempted revival of the famous NWA started last year. Now, former ECW and WWE veteran Raven has confirmed that it is very unlikely that NWA will be coming back and the promotion is shutting down completely soon.

NWA set to shut down according to Raven

Raven was asked on The Hannibal TV whether he would like to work with Billy Corgan in NWA with them having lost one of their officials, but Raven said that as far as he had heard, Billy Corgan was set to shut down NWA.

“I didn’t book for Billy before, I just worked with him in the office. I was like his assistant I guess. Yeah, me and Billy get along really well. I think Billy is shutting it down from what I hear. Plus Billy likes to… the only thing really is that Billy really does the booking. Billy does all the booking, at least he did with Resistance Pro. He wanted me there with my wrestling mind, so that I can say yes or nay to ideas, like if they make sense or if they don’t. But ultimately he was the final say on everything, as he really should have been. From what I heard on the grapevine is that Billy is not opening it back up, as he’s really disillusioned.”

Raven used to work with Billy Corgan, and it would have been interesting to see Raven come back in NWA, but now it looks like it won’t happen. NWA has been struggling with Jim Cornette released from the company due to a scandal during commentary. More recently, during the Speaking Out movement, Dave Lagana was also released due to allegations surfacing against him.

Now, it seems that Billy Corgan, the NWA owner, is not going to open up the company again if Raven’s report is to be believed.

Published 16 Jul 2020, 18:35 IST

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