Fortnite Professional Players’ Association establishes official Fortnite Competitive Discord

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As the biggest competitive Fortnite event of the year fast approaches its conclusion a recent announcement was made by the Fortnite Professional Players’ Association. With the rise in popularity of competitive Fortnite, the FNPPA has announced the establishment of an official discord where pro players can organize and coordinate community engagement, tournament policy, and communication with Epic Games.

Fortnite Professional Players’ Association’s involvement with competitive Fortnite

The FNPPA bills itself as the worldwide representative of professional Fortnite players and is largely involved in coordinating parts of the competitive scene. However, for much of the last year their involvement was much more quiet and behind-the-scenes. 

After posting just a few days ago about their desire to become a more public-facing organization, they posted an announcement about a new discord, giving a few details about its goals and how they intend to use it.

FNPPA Official Competitive Fortnite Discord

During their announcement, they specifically stated a few of their goals in establishing this new Official Discord Server, specifically finding and identifying cheaters and teamers, providing feedback on formats, assisting in running tournaments, and so on.

This comes after a wave of accusations and evidence of players cheating in the Fortnite Champion Series, in addition to numerous pressing concerns from the Fortnite competitive scene. As these accounts of players harming the integrity of the competitive environment ramp up, the need for someone to address these concerns has become much more necessary.

The FNPPA may be able to fill that void, and perhaps even serve as a line of communication between the competitive Fortnite community and Epic Games. Hopefully the added feedback will help Epic improve their game.

Who is in the Discord, and how do you join?

The Official Competitive Fortnite Discord is going to be a closed discord managed by the FNPPA. Entry to the discord is limited to invited players only “based on Epic’s criteria.” This close relationship between the FNPPA and Epic Games means that these players will have increased influence compared to the average playerbase.

The biggest concern about this is only that the Fortnite competitive scene has already been accused of coordinating to an excessive degree in competitive events. Hopefully the FNPPA will not simply turn into a way for these competitive players to ignore the problems within their own community as well.

Published 10 Aug 2020, 00:37 IST

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