Free Horse Racing Systems – Three Easy Methods For Easy Winners

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You should bear in mind that although the systems are prolific winners, past success does not guarantee future success, and each system should be checked on paper before you make bets with your own money.

The worlds simplest system is to back non-handicap favourites, especially in the second half of the flat racing season. There are plenty of bets’ and you can bet knowing you are going to get plenty of winners. The best way to make money from the many winners-is to cut out those runners, which are going to be hard odds on. The betting forecast in any newspaper will tell you at a glance the probable price of the first in the betting forecast; if it is below say 4-6 then ignore the race. Concentrate your efforts on the better prices, and play up your winnings day after day. When the flat racing season ends, you can then move onto the next big source of winners.

This next system operates during the national hunt season. The rule is, back the favourite in races of six and less runners. Some of these throw up surprisingly long prices, but some like the last method will have to be checked against the betting forecast of a newspaper so that some of the odds on’ runners can be eliminated. Some people take The Racing Post or, see it displayed in the betting offices. For every race the paper shows a number of tipsters who give their best bet in the race. Where all tipsters agree on a runner, then this often wins. Backing the very low prices is again not worth the effort, but by picking those runners with a price better than 4-6 often gives long winning runs without any effort. In many cases it is the betting forecast, which is the guide to the prices in the race, often the compilers are surprisingly accurate in their assessment of the final starting prices.

Now for one of the best systems ever devised. To help select for this system, use the racing pages of the Daily Mirror, it is not- necessary for you to use the same newspaper, pick any with racing pages and two tipsters who give selections for each race.

The Daily Mirror’s two, tipsters are Newsboy and Bouverie; and all you do for each race is to take the runner of each tipster. Sometimes the two will agree, while at other times they will not. Treat both tipsters in the same way, and that is as completely separate entities.

By keeping, the two separate, you can bet on both with stop at a winner staking plans. Some people swear by staking plans, which use a steadily rising stake to regain losses and pay out on winners. Others will only use level stakes, which means, they place the same stake on every runner irrespective of the odds or how many previous losers they have had. It is your choice what you finally use, because in racing the only thing that is important is percentage profit on turnover. The systems given here will give you the chance, to achieve that aim.

Source by Paul John Coleman

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