Get Your Boyfriend Back – 101

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The last box of tissues in your house just finished, but the pain hasn’t gone away yet, you can’t imagine life without your boyfriend and can’t think beyond the fact that you want your boyfriend back. Sound familiar to you? I’ll bet it does. That was me about a year back, so I know exactly what you’re going through. Feels like hell, doesn’t it? You want to curl up in a ball and die sometimes!

But there’s no need for anything quite so drastic! Curling up in balls and dying is not going to solve anything, is it? So, now we come to the all important matter – how will you get your boyfriend back? There are many ways of getting back together with your boyfriend. But I don’t know too many that will keep your self-respect intact!

The Ego Advantage

But you can’t not have that either. If you’re like me, you might be absolutely miserable inside, but you’re not going to let your boyfriend know it; you have far too big an ego for that! Well, all the negative stuff people tell you about having a big ego? You can shrug it all off, because as it turns out, having a big ego really helps in some situations, such as when you want your boyfriend back!

If you give him the cold shoulder and act distant for about a month, he’s going to come running back to you on his own, if he still has feelings for you. You can’t force him to take you back, that is just going to be like imposing on him and if you do manage to get him back that way, trust me, he’s not going to be around for long.

Keep it Clean

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while you’re figuring out how best to get your boyfriend back is honesty. You have to be a hundred percent honest with him, when you’re in the process of making up. If you don’t, then you’re only setting yourself up for more heart burn and trouble later on.

Also, pay excessive heed to your interaction. This is a really big part of communication and as we all know, if you get your communication bit right, you’ve pretty much bagged it!

For example, talk like him; if he uses uncommon words, do the same. If he moves his hands around a lot while he’s talking, you can do that as well. Just don’t look weird while you’re at it! This really works if you want your boyfriend back, because it lets him know that you can empathize with him and he begins to see you in an entirely different light.

Also, make the past your secret weapon. Confused? Think back to all the times he looked at you appreciatively. What were you wearing then? Wear all those outfits when you know that there’s a chance you’ll bump into him. Doing something as drastic as getting a make-over might be counterproductive, since your boyfriend might think you’re doing it just to feel better. In short, if you want your boyfriend back, you need to put him before you, in every stage, so good luck with that!

Source by James Seward

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