Horse Racing Betting Odds Explained – How To Get The Best Prices On Offer From Your Bookmaker

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Staring Prices

Starting prices are usually called the S.P. and are the odds on offer in the on-course market in the final moment before the race starts. The S.P. price is used to settle all bets if a price has not been taken.

Board prices

Live Shows or Board Prices are available about 15 minutes before the off-time of each UK horse race and greyhound race and they reflect the betting market from the racetrack. These odds are relayed back to the betting shops around the country. People in betting shops can also take a price if they wish.

Board prices are effectively fixed odds prices. For example you will see the fixed odds price changing in the run-up to the off of the race. You can choose to take the odds that are offered on your selection. In that case the price at the time of your bet is the price you get on that horse.

Anti-post prices

Anti-post betting is when a fixed odds betting market exists in advance of an event. Ante-post betting is usually when there is betting on an event days, weeks or even months in advance. An example of ante-post betting in sport may be betting on the winner of the World Cup even though the final of that event may not take place for several weeks or months. With horseracing or greyhound racing, ante-post betting is when a fixed odds market exists prior to the final declaration stage of a race (usually 24 hours or more before a race). Selections backed in horse or greyhound racing ante-post markets will be deemed to be losing bets if they become non-runners

Betting forecast prices

Betting forecast prices are the odds given as an indication of the likely betting and are a feature in most newspapers race cards. Bookmakers have access to tissue prices which is a more informed guide to how the betting prices are likely to be marked up.

Early Bird prices

The term ‘Early Prices’ normally applies to betting on horse racing. Early prices are the fixed odds prices that online bookmakers offer before the Board Prices / Live Shows come through from the racetracks. Early Prices are provided by online bookmakers to allow you to take a price on a horse in the morning of a race. Early Prices are usually available from around 10am through to approximately twenty before the start of a race.

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