How to claim the free rewards before it ends today (April 26)

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The Fortnite Reboot-a-Friend program is finally ending today. The Reboot-a-Friend program was an interesting incentive program that essentially encouraged players to invite their friends who haven’t played in more than 30 days to get rewards.

Of course, the program was also extended to players who don’t have many friends and haven’t played for more than 30 days also. The best part of the Fortnite Reboot-a-Friend is being able to collect the rewards.

As the program finally comes to an end, players are excited to get their hands on some of the awesome rewards.

Claiming the Fortnite Reboot-a-Friend rewards

For the Fortnite Reboot-a-Friend program, players were able to unlock up to four different rewards. These rewards included the Reboot A Friend Spray, a Heartbeat Wrap, the Toix Flash Glider, and the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe. Of course, players should know that each reward costs a specific amount of points to redeem.

The tiers for each reward go up to 100 points each, meaning the lowest reward, the Spray, is only 100 points. Whereas the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe is 400 points on its own.

Some players can claim all these rewards after playing just for one day if they invite the total amount of three players needed. Each friend that players bring back gives a total of 100 points for the first match and then goes down to 10 points after every match.

Players should be able to claim these rewards after seven days of completing the Reboot-a-Friend program. If players go to the website, it’ll actually show players how far they are in their overall reward progress and can help keep track of what’s next.

Generally speaking, the rewards can be claimed after seven days of unlocking. Players don’t have to do anything else; the rewards will simply show up in the appropriate account after a week.

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Published 27 Apr 2021, 00:26 IST

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