How to get 5 stars quickly in GTA 5?

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GTA V is indeed a chaotic paradise where players can let loose, and let the gangs and police really have it. GTA never fails to truly bring out a variety of natures in the game from players.

One of the most favourite activities that players love to engage in GTA V is the good old police chase. However, the franchise likes to ramp things up considerably once the player has achieved a significant Wanted Level.

The Stars represent the Wanted Level on the top corner of the screen. The number of stars indicates how badly the police is gunning after you. After the 2-star Wanted Level, additional cop cars will show up as a backup.

Soon after, the SWAT teams start to roll in, but it is the 5-Star Wanted Level that truly spices things up with the Army rolling in with tanks.

How to get five stars quickly in GTA 5?

While players can gradually cause more chaos in the game such as firing off random rocket launchers at police cars, it does take a while to ramp things up.

Surviving the police onslaught without the use of cheat codes can be especially hard in GTA V, and hence, there has to be a smarter method to go about incurring the wrath of the Army.

Players need only make their way into Fort Zancudo to end up with a 5-Star Wanted Level instantly. The good news is, they will be able to find themselves high-powered vehicles and jets on the military base for the chance of an escape.

However, in case players are flying into Fort Zancudo, be sure to fly low before entering the base, as the AA missiles might shoot you down before you even have the chance to look at the base properly.

Published 24 Aug 2020, 12:29 IST

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