How to get FFWC Throne and Pirates Flag emotes in Free Fire from Pro Gamer’s wish event

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Free Fire offers its users various cosmetic items, ranging from costume bundles, skins, and more. Generally, they can be acquired from the in-game shop using diamonds.

Events are regularly added to the game to provide players with an opportunity to get such exclusive items at a reduced price. Today, the developers of the game have introduced the Pro Gamer’s wish event in the game.

Players can claim various Esports-related cosmetic items, including the FFWC Throne and Pirates Flag emote. This article provides a guide on how users can obtain them.

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Pro Gamer’s wish event in Free Fire

Pro Gamer’s wish event started today, i.e., May 27th, and will last until June 2nd in Garena Free Fire. During the event, players can randomly draw rewards from the Prize Pool by tapping on the “Wish” button.

The event is Free Fire Rules of the event Click on the

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