How to get Plan Bermuda bundle and I’m Rich emote in Free Fire MAX this week

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After the conclusion of Heist Initiate Moco Store in Free Fire MAX India server, Garena is back with a Heist Royale. This enables gamers to lay their hands on the Money Heist-themed items released as part of the game’s collaboration with the series.

Like previous Luck Royales, gamers must spend diamonds to acquire random rewards. Interestingly, this time around, players will have the opportunity to accumulate Gold Pile through the spins and trade them for an even bigger selection of items from the exchange section, including various bundles, emotes, Gloo Walls, and more.

Plan Bermuda bundle and other Money Heist themed items available in Free Fire MAX

Plan Bermuda bundles are available in Free Fire MAX now (Image via Garena)Gold Pile tokens can be exchanged for the following items in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)Individuals can tap on this icon (Image via Garena)

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Step 2: Next, they must select Heist Royale from the section on the left side of the screen and make the spins using diamonds until they have received the preferred item.

Step 3: If they fail to receive a particular gun skin or bundle, they can exchange Gold Pile through the exchange section of the store.

This event may require tons of diamonds to acquire all the rewards, even if redeemed through the exchange section. Hence, only users with enough in-game currency in their wallets should proceed.

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