How to get Quick Fang in Destiny 2 (2021 Guide)

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Some Destiny 2 players are still trying very hard to obtain the Quick Fang for their in-game gameplay.

Destiny 2 is an extremely popular game with so much content for players to try and acquire. The game itself has received several updates, with more content coming with “The Witch Queen” in 2022 and “Lightfall” in 2023. However, currently, players are still trying to get their hands on the Quick Fang sword during this new season. Some players though, are losing hope, as it seems like the Quick Fang sword is unobtainable now.

Luckily, the Quick Fang legendary sword can still be obtained, even in 2021.

Quick Fang Sword in Destiny 2

Players of Destiny 2 should know that the Quick Fang legendary sword is still obtainable, but only in one way. The original way to obtain the Quick Fang sword was by completing the main campaign mode in Destiny 2 as a Hunter. Hunters are a Guardian class with excellent marksmanship, mobility, and overall stealth.

There was a quest for the Quick Fang as well. However, that has since been removed from the game entirely and isn’t a reliable way to obtain it anymore.

As of now, the only way to get the Quick Fang sword is through a Legendary World Drop. Some players thought it would come back in the original quest it was in, however, that’s not the case.

Legendary World Drops in Destiny 2 can be found nearly anywhere in the game, however, their spawn rates are extremely random. With that in mind, it could take up to several hours to ever find the Legendary World Drop that has the Quick Fang in it.

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