How To Make Money From Sports Trading (Football Trading)

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My name is Edmund Ben and I am simply here to help you achieve that little added income for your bills, fees and welfare, this last quarter of 2010. Please take some minutes to sit back and read through this important mind blowing revelation as I roll on.

Do you know you can actually make 100-300$ weekly by just trying out your time while watching your favorite teams in the English premiership, Spanish la liga, Italian serie A, French ligue one etc? This is called football trading. Many People relinquish the chance of watching football matches whenever events like the champion’s league, world cup, Euro cup, African champion’s league etc are up for display. They dash into different show houses or viewing centers sit down for 90 minutes, arguing and shouting on top of their voices, some go to the extent of fighting while others just sit and hail their teams play without knowing you can actually make lots of money while you are sitting and watching them play. The truth is as much as we are glued to our TV sets watching football and shouting, some these clubs rarely know we exist although these days there are several fans assembly of different clubs, the question is how many are genuine? We sometimes at the end of every match go home happy and fulfill or sad and emotionally depressed.

Finally the saga and depression is over… You too can make streams of dollars TRADING ON FOOTBALL MATCHES. The truth is that even a baby can do this as it does not require any form of skills or certificate. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS…

Football trading is simply predicting an outcome of a football match irrespective of the teams involved. These outcomes may be a draw, win or lose. In some cases number of goals, corners, throw in etc. At the end of these matches your outcomes are converted into solid cash for you. Sounds simple right? Sure it is! People are willing to pay you for your opinions on football matches. These people are called BOOKMAKERS. They own platforms where different people all over the world meet to trade football. You register with them, fund your account with as little as $10and you are up and running making your money. This is almost like forex trading and fixed odds trading. The difference is while forex uses pips football trading uses odds, also football trading has a 70% to 30% chance of losing provide you take your time to analyze a match before staking.

Odds are the number of points given to a particular team to win a match, draw a match or lose a match. These odds are multiply by your staking to give you your net profit or returns. For example, Man U playing wigan, Man U can be given 2.5 odds to beat wigan, 3.50 odds to draw. Assuming you staked $10 for Man U to win and Man U eventually wins then your profit becomes the odds for winning multiply by your stake. i.e. 2.5* $10 = $25. This can also be done for a draw odds multiply by staking.

The good part of this is that, you not only bet on a straight win but can also bet on range of goals to be scored by both teams and range of corners and throws to be done in the match. Example, you can say this match is going to have 1-2 goals, 2-3 goals etc. This is the total number of goals to be scored by both teams. You can also place what is called a double chance betting and still make your money that is, one team to win or draw. Assuming Man U is playing Wigan, you can say Man U to win or draw. If Man U wins, you make your money, if Man U draws you still make your money, you only lose if Man U fails to win or draw that is if Man U loses. Of course the possibility of this happening is very small. This is where FOOTBALL TRADING becomes interesting. Football trading is as easy as ABC with the right tools and simple guidelines. People who are smart are making thousands from it monthly and are not telling you the truth about their source of income.THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED. You too can make money from trading football with my simple step by step guide on how to bet here in Nigeria and Abroad. There is a bookmaker here in Nigeria that you can fund in naira and make your money in dollars. A bookmaker abroad where you can get started without having a domiciliary account.

Follow my step by step guide and football trading success is guaranteed.

To get this manual or guide free of charge, follow the sign up link on the resource box, fill the form and then send me your email address for your free copy.

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