IG Index Vs Capital Spreads Spread Betting – Which One Will You Choose?

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A spread bet is a bet on the future movement of prices or other underlying thing that you place. As there are a range of outcomes you could place your bet, you may also profit from the falling or rising of the shares depending on which range you are choosing. You could do these through various online sites which provide you services to spread bet. For IG Index vs. Capital Spreads spread betting online trading websites, you should see for yourself which is best for you to select.

IG Index is one of the leading UK online trading website which you could use. It offers the advantages of tax free investments. There will be no tax impose on capital gains or income. There are services allowing you to buy or sell indices, shares, bonds and commodities. Another good thing is that there will be no fees for commission and brokers. Markets that IG Index offers covers short and long term trade. A few examples include FTSE 100, FTSE 250, Nasdaq 100, Nikkei and Hang Seng. You could also benefit from the 24 hours dealing that they offer. The underlying markets may be closed but they still quote the prices of stock indices.

Another leading online trading service you might consider to use is Capital Spreads. With this website, you will also benefit from tax free investments on capital gains. Just like IG Index, they charge no fees on commission and brokers. Capital Spreads offer better quotes for prices of stock indices in order to provide value for your money. They will hold 20% of your funds as a way to limit risks. You can rest assure of this as they are using it as a protection from sharp movements in the markets. Other than that, the markets being offer are UK, US and European shares, commodities and bonds.

In IG Index vs. Capital Spreads spread betting websites, you should choose one that fits your need the most.

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