“It was evident that Ben wanted to take the high road”

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The Ben Simmons saga finally ended with him being traded to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday. Now that he is back, he is again required to do news conferences, and in his first one, his exit from the Philadelphia 76ers was bound to come up.

Marc J. Spears, one of the best NBA journalists and insiders, went on ESPN directly after attending the news conference to talk about it. When host Max Kellerman asked Spears to provide his biggest takeaway, he said:

“That he was holding back. I think there were a lot of things that he wanted to say, and it was evident that Ben wanted to take the high road. … But the main thing that Ben was saying is, ‘I want to move on, and I am not going to get into it.’”

Simmons’s time with the 76ers was not a cakewalk, ending with him requesting to be traded early in the offseason and then sitting out all season. It was clear Simmons did not get along with 76ers star Joel Embiid, only making the situation worse for Simmons.

It makes sense that Simmons would like to move on and focus on his new team. But maybe down the line, Simmons could open up more, sharing what went through his mind over the last few months. With the Nets, it seems like a better situation. Simmons’ unwillingness to go into detail now could be a hint to his true character that Nets fans could see from their new young All-Star.

When could Ben Simmons play for the Nets?

Brooklyn Nets' new key player Ben Simmons going up for a layup

Ben Simmons says “No date,” but he’s “starting to ramp it up.”

Bringing him on sooner than he is ready could add talent, with the Nets winning only one of their last 12 games. It will also take Simmons time to get back to complete NBA speed, and starting him off early could quicken the process, with under 30 games left before the playoffs.

However, the downside of rushing him back could lead to injuries, which the Nets desperately need to avoid. The Nets will likely wait until Simmons gives the green light that he can go before deciding.

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