Kevin Owens hails Triple H influence and unreal Stone Cold Steve Austin experience

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Kevin Owens says Triple H is the sole reason he is in WWE today.

The one-time Universal champion was the envy of his peers when he got to work with Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38 and recently signed a new long term deal with WWE.

Triple H brought Owens to WWE in 2014

Triple H brought Owens to WWE in 2014

The Canadian, 38, joined WWE in 2014 as NXT began to become the Black and Yellow brand that many hardcore fans adored.

Owens, speaking to talkSPORT, told us that Triple H had been paramount to all of his success in WWE and how good it was to see The Cerebral Assassin after his ‘cardiac event’.

“I wouldn’t be here without him,” Owens started. That’s all that comes to it. When you say full stop, that really is it. Nobody has done more for me than Triple H in my career. 

“I think I echo what everyone has said: It’s very unfortunate in the way he didn’t get to retire in the ring, but he made the right decision for himself and his family. So that’s the right decision, it’s a good decision.”

Owens wishes he would have had the chance to ignite a feud with The Game, but seeing the 52-year-old healthy is what matters.

“Selfishly, I wish I would of had the chance to wrestle him and he and I talked about that before. 

Owens says no one has done more for him in wrestling than Triple H

Owens says no one has done more for him in wrestling than Triple H

“I think we both assumed that eventually it’s going to happen. Obviously that won’t be able to happen but in the grand scheme of things, who cares, ya know?

“Seeing him yesterday was so great. Seeing him around after a few months of not seeing when he used to be everywhere all the time, and he looked amazing, sounded amazing, it was really, really great. 

“Because that dude has done so much for so many people in this industry,” Owens finished.

Owens has remained close with Triple H

Owens has remained close with Triple H

Triple H was once known as the man with the ‘golden shovel’ with internet wrestling fans, notorious for burying talents behind the scenes and politicking his way into prominent spots.

Owens was aware of that perception before joining WWE, but he says Triple H proved those notions wrong at every turn.

He said: “There was always this reputation about him, right? I always thought he was really good at what he did and to me, he always elevated the shows he was on and the people he was working with so I never really got that vibe of the reputation. 

Triple H helped Owens become world champion on-screen

Triple H helped Owens become world champion on-screen

“I wasn’t surprised when I met him that he was a guy who was all about growing the industry and giving people a chance. He proved my assumptions right many times over the past few years and a lot of us – a lot of us – wouldn’t be here without him.”

Owens was able to main event night one of WrestleMania with Stone Cold Steve Austin and that incredible moment has added to Owens’ growing WrestleMania legacy.

“I’ve had pretty incredible WrestleManias. Low point was WrestleMania 35 where I wasn’t involved at all. Hopefully that never has to happen again. 

Main eventing with Stone Cold Steve Austin was a dream for Owens

Main eventing with Stone Cold Steve Austin was a dream for Owens

“But I’ve won the United States title from Chris Jericho at WrestleMania, I was in the ring for Daniel Bryan’s return at WrestleMania 34, WrestleMania 35 came and went, but then I worked Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 36, a man I’ve been up and down the roads with and I know so well. Then I had him [points to Sami Zayn] at WrestleMania 37 and I didn’t think we’d top last year. 

“Me and him together, singles match at WrestleMania, it does not get bigger than that as far as sentimental value goes, right? Except, look at what happened this year. Unreal,” Owens said.

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