Logan outweighs Mayweather by over two stone but boxer laughs in YouTuber’s face

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Floyd Mayweather was outweighed by over two stone by his opponent Logan Paul ahead of their bizarre exhibition fight.

The 50-0 boxing legend and 0-1 YouTuber are set to meet on Sunday night in Miami.

They had to come face-to-face one final time for the weigh-in on Saturday.

Logan took to the scale first.

His size advantage was obvious as he came in at 189.5lbs (13st 7lbs 8oz).

Floyd followed up.

He was dwarfed by his opponent and came in at 155lbs (11st 1lbs).

The difference between them was 34.5lbs (2st 6lbs 8oz).

Floyd reacted: “I’ve been here before so I know what it takes.

“I’ve fought every different style you can possibly fight.

“Height don’t win fights, weight don’t win fights. Fighting wins fights at the end of the day. And I can fight.

“I’m not worried about what nobody says. One thing I can do – I can fight.

“I’ve been at the top level for 25 years so I know what it takes when it comes to a fight of this magnitude.”

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