Power Trading, Steaming the Favourite, Be the Bookmaker and the Flying Dutchman – A Review

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If nothing else,” Power Trading, Steaming the Favourite, Be the Bookmaker and The Flying Dutchman” is the eBook with the longest title that I have ever reviewed. For simplicity from now on I shall simply call it “Power Trading”.

This eBook is a detailed guide to risk free trading on the Betfair Betting Exchange market. There has been a lot of over hyped nonsense written over the years about “no risk trading” on the betting exchanges but this book is different. I could not find one piece of hype in any of its 207 pages.

The author is Mike Davies who has spent 10 years as a London Stock Exchange Trader and for the last 5 years has also been a Betfair Trader and Advisor. I can think of no one better than him to write this definitive book about Trading on Betfair.

Mike starts off by outlining his method for finding strong and weak favourites in the betting market. It is the ability to master this that will dictate how profitable a trader you will become. If you are looking to learn how to make a quick killing with a few bets this eBook is not for you.

It is suggested that you concentrate on about 10 races a day and work towards a profit on turnover of between 5% and 10%. This may not sound a great deal but if you consider that you may have up to 5 or 6 trades in any one race and you are trading in 10 races that can mount up over the day.

Of course you do not have to be that active. Mike takes you step by step through the methods that he uses in trading and you can then decide how you want to operate.

In addition to the main “Power Trading” e book you will also receive 2 bonus books, The first 75 page book contains Mike’s “Field Reduction System” which by itself is well worth the modest asking price for the complete package. The second bonus is another book “The Life and Times of a Betfair Trader which again is packed full of hints and strategies for would be traders.

The life of the Betfair trader has always appealed to me but having read this frank and honest book I am not certain that I have the attitude and mindset to become one. I do not think I am the sort of person who could sit in front of a computer screen for 3 or 4 hours just monitoring prices. If I was I am sure by following Mike’s advise it would be profitable but it is just not for me.

Given that I am not going to become a full time trader I have still got tremendous value from the package. The information and statistics that Mike provides regarding selecting strong and weak favourites is priceless and I shall be applying it to my selections in the future.

To get maximum benefit from “Power Trading” you need to know how to find your way around the Betfair Betting Exchange. You will not find sections on how to register, place a bet or understand the odds. All of this knowledge is assumed so it is not for newcomers to Betfair.

However, given that I would recommend this package and if I operated a star system this would be a 5 out of 5 star book.

Source by D J Bromley

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