PUBG Mobile redeem code for today (July 26th) to get free rewards

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PUBG Mobile has an extensive range of in-game items that can be purchased with the in-game currency UC. Redeem codes are an excellent option for non-spending players. After successfully claiming the code, users may receive a wide variety of free items. Therefore, PUBG Mobile players seek out new redeem codes.

Moreover, these have to be utilized quickly as there is a specific usage limit and period. Here is the latest redemption code, along with the steps to claim it.

PUBG Mobile redeem code for today

1x Heart (Chicken) is the reward for the redeem code (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Step 1: This link will take you to the official Redemption Center of PUBG Mobile.

You need to enter your ID and other required details (Image via PUBG Mobile) Confirm all your details and then tap the confirm button to complete the process (Image via PUBG Mobile) Redeem codes have to be claimed from the mail section (Image via PUBG Mobile)

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