Review of How to Win the Pools Using Blueprint7 Fixed-Odds Betting

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We all dream of winning the pools, but how many of us have actually won anything worth shouting about? Well there is hope yet. For to my surprise far from just ticking random numbers on a pools slip, there is a more precise way that takes out all that guessing, its called Fixed-Odds Pools?

What is Fixed-Odds Pools and how can Blueprint7 help I here you ask? Well Fixed-Odds Pools its when odds, or bets to you and me, are published and don’t change. This means they don’t vary according to how many people bet for or against the various options, they remain the same regardless of what happens. Therefore with Fixed odds pools, rather than a chance in million of winning, you could have depending on the odds set a 1 in 4. That’s where the odds are published is 1/4, which means you’d be betting your one coin against four belonging to that of the bookmaker or pools company.

In this example they are setting a probability that they believe there is only 1 chance against 4 that your chosen team will win – this is a ratio of 20% to 80%. So if you bet £1 at these odds, and your team won, you would win £4.

And this is where a book I recently came across book by Paul Forester called Blueprint7 comes in, in it he sets out in clear english, and in easy to understand methods and principals that rip the Fixed-Odds Pools wide open.

By using this precise judgment, guesswork is eliminated … and winning is turned into a mechanical – non emotional – event.

For me I can only describe it as a bit like baking a cake. Follow a good recipe and you will end up with a cake. But … try it without a recipe and all you’ll make is a sticky mess.

In addition I must stress that this is a genuine product that is perfectly legal to participate in, and information on Fixed-odds betting can be found online, and in betting shops.

So if you want to start being part of the many who don’t leave there betting to chance, then you won’t go far wrong starting off with The Paul Forester Blueprint 7 Fixed-Ods pools book.

Source by Anthony F Francis

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