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It seems Fortnite has confirmed its new collaboration for an upcoming event which was revealed to players through several online leaks.

Fortnite has been expanding its collaborations for some time now. Players remember the Astronomical event, the Marshmello concert, and many other live events. Now it seems that Fortnite is having a collaboration with the NBA. Similar to the Neymar Jr collaboration, it’s revived some backlash, but that isn’t anything new.

The upcoming event will be a Community Battle and luckily, its information has come out online.

Fortnite x NBA

Fortnite’s new NBA Community Battle will start on Wednesday, May 12th, and is said to have a lot of different free rewards. One of the rewards being the new Hookshot Toy.

Though there has not been an “official” release statement from Fortnite, all the leaks and other content coming out around Twitter pretty much confirms the collaboration is coming soon. All of the specifics about the free rewards will also be released soon, so there will be a lot of different content coming to Fortnite for players.

The Community Battle is supposedly going to allow players to pick any of the 30 NBA teams to then complete different daily tasks. When a player completes those tasks, it adds a point to that NBA team in-game. This then means at the end of it all, the NBA team with the most points wins the entire community event. Those players who are on the winning team are then going to receive 500 V-Bucks and an exclusive NBA Back Bling.

Those who place second will receive 300 V-Bucks, while those who come in in third place will only receive 100 V-Bucks. Players will also receive rewards such as an exclusive NBA spray if they complete at least three of the daily tasks during the event. So, luckily there will be something for everyone even if they do not win.

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Published 03 May 2021, 00:31 IST

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