The best PES team names and players as Konami announces free new eFootball game

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Konami have announced a brand new, free-to-play football game that will send shockwaves through the industry.

eFootball, which is scheduled for release in the Autumn, will replace Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), which is what it’s been known since 1995.

PES is no more. eFootball is now FIFA’s main rival


PES is no more. eFootball is now FIFA’s main rival

It will be available to play on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Windows 10 (PC), Steam (PC), iOS, Android.

It will also be cross-platform, meaning PC players can take on Xbox or PS5 owners and even people playing on iOS or Android phones.

eFootball will also be free. In contrast, EA Sports’ forthcoming FIFA 22 is currently priced at £59.99 on Amazon.

Konami has released a roadmap that points to an early Autumn release for a base game with online leagues, team building mode and a matchpass system, however, the finer details have not been published yet.

PES operated more like a traditional release but eFootball appears to be aiming for a more ‘platform’ approach, meaning it will receive regular updates and more crucially, free, yearly updates for new seasons.

A gripe among FIFA players is that each annual update fails to add enough new content and meaningful updates to warrant a full price release every year.

eFootball may address this complaint and the fact that it’s free to play means it has potential to attract more players than ever before.

However, it means the new game may have limited content compared to FIFA. It will launch with exhibition matches, with a selection of nine clubs to play with. Below you can see eFootball’s roadmap.

This could change the landscape of the football gaming industry


This could change the landscape of the football gaming industry

Time will tell on whether this does become a seismic moment in the football gaming industry.

For now all we can do is look back at some of the highlights PES brought us over the years.

It’s fair to say that in its early days PES had a very random feel to it with players having a really hard time deciphering which teams were which.

In 2019, Goal did a piece on the funniest team names in the history of the game. Below you can see the absolute gems.

Funniest team names on PES

Dublin (Aston Villa)

Rekordmeister (Bayern Munich)

Lake District (West Ham)

Black White (Juventus)

White (Real Madrid)

Aragon (Manchester United)

Man Blue (Manchester City)

West London Blue (Chelsea)

Merseyside Blue (Everton)

Merseyside Red (Liverpool)

Museumplein (Ajax)

West Yorkshire Town (Huddersfield)

Yorkshire Whites (Leeds)

AN White Red (Sevilla)

Yorkshire Orange (Hull)

The Potteries (Stoke)

And who can forget the legendary team that is PES United? Castolo was a goal machine!

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