The Island of Fortnite is starting to ‘Fortify’ itself from an ominous threat, yet again

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Once again, Fortnite Island is fortifying itself.

Sweaty Sands is the latest POI to barricade certain areas. Prior to this POI, Pleasant Park and Misty Meadows had also barricaded themselves in an attempt to fortify their locations from something. That something just might be an upcoming Primal War.

It’s almost clear that whatever is coming, it’s gonna be big if all these locations have to barricade themselves.

Fortnite Island Prepping for Battle

Misty Meadows (Image via Twitter)

Hypex on Twitter also pointed out that these POI’s that are barricading themselves are the locations that are near the smaller Spire towers with guardians. These locations are the ones that never turned primal like the rest of the map. The upcoming battle may be all primal, as players have noticed that some challenges are all about the Spire Towers recently. He also goes on to state that Retail Row might even be the next POI to fortify themselves from the upcoming assault.

The final speculation is that this has something to do with the upcoming DC crossover comic, Batman/Fortnite. It’s unlikely that this would be the case as the story spans across from April to July, but we can’t rule anything out just yet. Anything goes in Fortnite, it’ll be interesting to see what events transpire next. Regardless, it appears as though we might be seeing some new POI location changes soon enough.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 00:33 IST

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