The Riott Squad reunites on Monday Night RAW

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The Riott Squad broke up officially back in February. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan looked like they were set to reunite on Monday Night RAW when Riott returned. However, Riott shocked the world when she turned on her former Riott Squad teammate.

Riott and Morgan, along with Sarah Logan, debuted as the Riott Squad on SmackDown back in 2017. Though not entirely successful, the trio was inseparable.

Cut to 2020, and the former best friends are in an incredibly heated rivalry, with Riott wanting to prove she was the true glue of the Riott Squad. Liv Morgan, though, wound up getting a pair of wins over Riott, ending their feud and giving Morgan a lot of momentum heading into her WrestleMania match with Natalya.

Since then, Ruby Riott has done a lot of thinking about the old Riott Squad days, leading to the IIconics antagonizing her for months on end. Tonight, on the Kevin Owens Show, Riott and Morgan finally reconciled, if only to shut up the IIconics.

The Riott Squad reunites on Monday Night RAW

While still missing Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan seemingly forgave Ruby Riott on the KO Show when the three of them were interrupted by Billie Kay & Peyton Royce. This led to a short match, where Liv Morgan rolled up Billie Kay for the victory.

The IIconics looked for a post-match beatdown but were stopped by Riott, who lit up Royce with a big roundhouse to the head. The now reformed Riott Squad followed that up by laying out Kay with a double STO.

What’s this mean for the RAW Women’s division or the WWE Women’s Tag Team division? Looks like Bayley and Sasha Banks may have a new duo to watch out for.

Published 04 Aug 2020, 06:32 IST

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