The Stanley Cup

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Does an Eighth Seed team stand a chance in hell and I will get back to this analogy in a bit to win the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup is the oldest championship team trophy in North America. It is named for Lord Stanley of Preston who represented the British monarch as governor-general in Canada from 1888 to 1893. Lord Stanley purchased the trophy in 1892 for an amateur ice hockey competition. From 1910 to 1926 teams from several Canadian professional leagues and associations including the NHL vied for the cup.

In 1927 the trophy became the annual award for NHL champions only. The winning club gains possession of the cup for one year until the next champion is crowned.

The Montral Amateur Athletic Association AAA team champion of the Amateur Hockey Association in 1893 was awarded the first Stanley Cup title. The Edmonton Oilers captured the championship five times in the seven seasons from 1984 to 1990. The Stanley Cup went unclaimed last year when the NHL season was wiped out in a labour dispute.

For all the nay-sayers who say an 8th seed can not win the Cup let me point out this little nugget. An 8th seed has never won until now a Conference Championship so NEVER say NEVER! They also have a shot at being the first Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup since the 1993 Montreal Canadiens.

The Oilers added to the considerable franchise history with their seventh trip to the final their 34th playoff series win and 151st playoff victory in 244 post season games. They are now 7-2 in conference finals 35-15 in games in which theyve had an opportunity to clinch a series and 19-0 in series in which theyve won the first two games. Edmonton also made it 14-1 in putting teams away when leading a series three games to one. Nice numbers there. Now truth be told. I had The Oilers to win the Conference as a prop bet but did not have them pegged for the Cup. I was actually looking at Ottawa but never posted a wager as I know all about play-offs upsets and a hot goalie completely changing the landscape of the playoffs.

I said I would get back to the chance in hell bit. Hockey in June in a different kinda game in that the teams are playing in warmer and muggier stadiums then they play in all year. This can slow the games down a bit and in this case I like the Oilers to win the Stanley Cup. They have that young hungry grind it out strong legs with staying power Cinderella story air about them and I dig that. Oh to be at Blues on Whyte Its an Edmonton thing if this should come to be true.

Who will they Face? Well we will find out tonight Either Buffalo or Carolina. Head to Head in the last 20 game why 20? why not… Edmonton at home or on the road against the Buffalo on any day in any month is 12-4-4 facing Buffalo. Edmonton at home or on the road against the Carolina on any day in any month is 6-8-6. Roloson Edmonton at home or on the road against any opponent on any day in any month is 13-7-0. Miller Buffalo is 14-6-0. Ward Carolina is 13-7-0 Gerber Carolina is 9-11 Wanna Bet if Carolina makes it they start Ward?

Now these are really kinda useless stats Cause we are down to Playoff Hockey and all the rules stats and well everything really goes out the window. You have to micros-analyze just the play-offs and well without boring you with even more stats I think no matter who the Oilers Face we will see a nice hard hitting 7 game Stanley Cup Finals. See you Monday for the opener!

Source by George Smeader

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