Two Horse Racing Trainer Angles For Good Win Bets

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Nothing breeds success like success or to put it another way, nothing succeeds like success. You may think that’s a bit of the old double talk, but when it comes to horse racing and in particular the trainers who prepare the horses for the races, nothing could be any more factual. If you want to succeed handicapping horse races the first place to start is to identify other successful people and to join them. Other than buying a horse or owning shares in a horse, how do you benefit from a trainer’s success?

One of the best ways to make money betting on horse races is to identify trainer moves and then to cash in on them. If you only bet on trainers with a good win average, say at least 20%, you’ll automatically put yourself on the right track. Good trainers don’t like to keep a horse in the barn unless it’s earning its keep. A long string of losses means that the horse is eating the profits earned by the other runners and is also disappointing an owner who is paying the bills.

Therefore, one good betting angle is to find horses that have had a few bad races. The ones that have a low percentage trainer may continue to lose but the horses that have a trainer that wins his or her share of the races will usually win or race well. If the horse continues to fail the good conditioner will usually send it to another trainer or drop it into such a low level race that someone will scoop it up as a bargain.

Some of the better trainers are known for winning when they drop a horse two classes. It comes as a surprise to some bettors when a good trainer will win with a horse and then immediately drop it in class. Many think the horse has developed a problem and won’t win, but they do often win in such a circumstance. The trainer has just decided that they’ve made their money off the horse and any more purse money will be gravy. Even if the horse is claimed the owner will have gotten two purses as well as whatever the claiming price may be.

Therefore, if you’re looking for two good trainer angles start with horses that have had two bad races or horses that have come back from a layoff and have had a race or two as a tightener. Even though they may not look good on paper, a good conditioner will often get a surprisingly good race out of such runners and the odds will make it worth a shot.

Source by Bill Peterson

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