UK Greyhound Racing Bet Types Explained

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A visit to the dog track to watch the greyhounds can be a great fun night out. Though to the uninitiated or first time visitor it can be a little confusing given the various different types of bets on offer if you fancy a little flutter. You need not bet much to have some entertainment shouting home “your” dog and you can pick up a good return for a small outlay. To give you an understanding of all those different types of bet, let’s take a look at them together.

At UK tracks you will be able to bet with a traditional bookmaker. They will usually offer win only odds although some may offer a market without the favourite. In other words, the bookmaker will omit the dog he thinks is going to be the favourite and give odds for the other five dogs.

If you decide to bet with a traditional bookmaker be advised that some will have minimum stakes so it is worth asking them about this first. You back a dog to win and it does then you collect. If you have chosen to back a dog “without” the favourite then for you to win that bet your dog must win or finish second to the favourite (the dog the bookmaker has omitted).

You do have another option which offers you a much wider choice at the track and that is to place your bets with the Tote. A number of different bets are available via the Tote. Your money is pooled with all others who have bet the same way and then all winning bets are settled after the race based on a dividend declared. The amount of the dividend is calculated on the amount of money in the pool and the number of winners. So what can you bet on via the Tote when at the track?

Win only: Just like it sounds. You back one dog to win. If it does, you collect.

Place: This involves backing one dog. If it wins or finishes in second place then head to the payout window.

Forecast: Pick two greyhounds to finish first and second in that order. For example trap 3 to win and trap five to be second. You may also do a reverse forecast which is picking two dogs to finish first and second in any order. If your two selections finish first and second then you win. Beware that a reverse forecast consists of two bets. So if you ask for a £1 reverse forecast it will cost you £2.

Trio: Pick three greyhounds to finish first, second and third in that order. Just like a forecast though with an extra dog to select. Trio dividends can be quite large though that does reflect how difficult it is to find three to finish in the correct order. You can opt for a trio “all ways” meaning your three selections can finish first, second and third in any order though that is six bets. So if you ask for a 50p trio “all ways” that will cost you £3.

Jackpot: Pick the winner in each of (usually) six races specified by the track. A way to win a potentially large pool for a small outlay. Just a £1 stake cam come up trumps if you pick all six winners. It is possible to select more than one dog per jackpot race though the more you select the greater your total stake so do bear that in mind. For example if you go for two greyhounds in three of the jackpot races then that is eight lines as you multiply up. In that example an eight line 50p jackpot will cost you £4. It’s not unlike buying a lottery ticket in principle and you can generally ask for a lucky dip ticket of random selections.

So there we have looked at the different types of popular bets available on UK greyhound racing. A typical meeting has around 14 races. It’s a great social night out with friends to perhaps have a couple of drinks over a meal and watch the racing.

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