What is a Borescope? A Short Primer on Borescopes

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I’m sure most of you have heard of endoscopes being used by the medical profession. But I bet you didn’t know that scopes are also used in many other industries. The borescope is derived from similar devices in wide use in medicine.

A good borescope is a “must-have” tool for every gunsmith and any shooter who wants to monitor the condition of his barrels. It’s also the ideal tool for inspection and maintenance in industry or workshop. The borescope is used to view engines or gear boxes internally without disassembly. It is also considered essential equipment in any power plant today.

What is a borescope? The borescope is an endoscope with rigid insertion tube. It is a high quality optical device with its own light source. It is used when you need to see in inaccessible areas. The tip length determines how close to the bottom of a cavity an image can be observed when the borescope is completely inserted. The borescope is capable of reaching deep into walls, drains, vents and engine blocks through openings as narrow as 0. A borescope is device that consists of a fiber optic cable and an eyepiece. A borescope is typically a rigid optical tool which may include features such as a movable prism for changing the viewing angle or a zoom capability.

There are difference types of borescopes. A flexible videoscope or video borescope is an advanced type of borescope that houses a very small CCD chip embedded into the tip of the scope. The way of transferring image in this scope is quite different with the traditional optical fiber endoscope technology. The video camera is in the center of the photo and the actual borescope is the small diameter tube entering the barrel.

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